Nicole • October 15, 2018

The gallery has been updated with some exclusive outtakes from Jenna’s The Telegraph photoshoot! Jenna in a suit and looking really good!!! Enjoy them :)

(HD screencaps from yesterday’s episode of The Cry are coming soon.)

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Nicole • October 12, 2018

HD screencaps from Sunday’s second episode of The Cry, where Jenna once again proved how good she is! Can’t wait for the next one.

Be sure to check our gallery and enjoy!

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Nicole • October 06, 2018

Yesterday morning (October 05) Jenna was guest at BBC Radio 2: The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, where she talked about The Cry (second episode will air tomorrow on BBC One at 9pm). You can listen to her interview clicking on the photo below:

Also, in the gallery, some photos of her outside the studios. She looked really great in that outfit!

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Nicole • October 05, 2018

ROLLACOASTER – Allow me to introduce the “impossible girl”. She’s visited hundreds of galaxies with a Time Lord and ruled the British Empire, dealt with dukes and Daleks (I’ll leave you to decide which are worse), but right now the most impossible thing she’s facing is trying to find somewhere to chat to me on the phone without cracking up the people around her. “Sorry!” She laughs when we finally connect. “You just caught me in the car with my driver and I knew he’d just giggle at everything I’m saying!”

Of course, the girl in question is Jenna Coleman, who obtained the tagline from her role as the Eleventh Doctor’s companion in the beloved BBC series Doctor Who. Accompanying both Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, Jenna rose to fame as Clara Oswald, the witty school teacher with the ability to charm alien life forms in numerous universes.

The chance to escape to different world’s has always appealed to Jenna and exploring alternate realities is what first made her want to get into acting. “I remember reading Enid Blyton and loads of books and their worlds becoming very vivid in my head,” she recalls. “I just remember being really, really young and for some reason it always just felt very simple. Acting was always what I wanted to do, it was more the ‘how’ that was always the more complicated thing.”

Putting in the hard work to make the “how” happen, Jenna scored her first role in Emmerdale in 2005, before getting the coveted companion role in 2012. Stepping into such a popular fandom was initially quite intimidating, but Jenna has since established a legacy as one of the most loved of the Doctor’s partners (soz, Martha). “I’ve never done anything where you’re the only new cog in a very oiled machine,” she explains. “It’s like you’re literally the only newbie on your own, which is quite a strange thing. You kind of have to hop onto a train that’s already full-speed ahead.”

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Nicole • October 03, 2018

HD Screencaps from the first episode of The Cry aired on Sunday night (September 30) have now been added to the gallery. Jenna was simply amazing in it, great acting! I’ve ready the book and know what is coming, I can’t wait to see more! So proud of her. (I might have overcapped the episode a bit but I’m not even sorry, Jenna looked amazing!)

Keep watching it! On BBC One Sunday, October 7 at 9pm.

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