Nicole • June 19, 2019

Back on Sunday (June 16), Jenna attended The Cartier Queen’s Cup Polo Final 2019 in Windsor (England).

For the occasion Jenna was wearing the Kacey Top and the Tahira Skirt both by Erdem from Pre-Spring 2019 collection, Cactus de Cartier diamond and yellow gold earrings, Cactus de Cartier 18ct gold and diamond wedding band and Juste un Clou gold ring both and Mara 100 cord-trimmed leather mules in baby-pink by Malone Souliers (thanks to Jenna Coleman Closet for the infos!).

Several photos from the event have now been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Nicole • May 12, 2019

Yesterday morning (May 11) Jenna was guest at Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2 where she talked about Victoria and the theatre production she stars in All My Sons.

Photos of her outside the BBC studios and during the interview have now been added to the gallery. You can also listen to her interview on the BBC Radio 2 website. Enjoy!

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Nicole • May 08, 2019

THE TIMES “I have no idea what I’m doing,” says Jenna Coleman of making her belated professional stage debut in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. OK, in part this is self- deprecation: the 33-year-old star of three seasons of Victoria, three seasons of Doctor Who and all sorts of other acclaimed television shows over the past ten years is chuckling as she says it. She knows the reviews have been good, knows the show gets standing ovations at the Old Vic every night.

It’s also a sincere suggestion that she feels as if she has been winging it all her professional life. When she was in her teens in Blackpool, beavering away in a touring theatre company set up by an enterprising teacher at her school, she thought she knew how her career would go. Drama school, small parts here and there, a steadily growing confidence and profile to match it. Instead, first she was rejected by drama schools, then she was scooped up for a role in Emmerdale. And Emmerdale led to pretty much uninterrupted, high-profile television work for the next 15 years.

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Nicole • April 25, 2019

Back on Tuesday, April 23, the press night for Jenna’s theatre work All My Sons happened. Apparently the play is currently a success and Jenna also got into the heart of her co-star Sally Field, who said to The Evening Standard:

“She was stunning. We hold hands backstage and she helps catapult me where I need to go and I hope I help her. She is a stunning actress and was as solid as a rock for me.”

For the occasion Jenna was wearing a vintage Chanel champagne silk pleated dress from 1988 collection with faux-pearl drop hoop earrings by Simone Rocha. (Thanks to Jenna Coleman Closet for the infos!)

Photos from the evening’s after party have now been added to the gallery, together with some production images from the play. Enjoy!

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Nicole • April 10, 2019

STELLA MAGAZINE – As Jenna Coleman returns to our screens as Queen Victoria, she talks to Guy Kelly about setting up home with her on- and off-screen consort, extending her realm to the London stage, and why she loves playing pregnant

It’s hardly surprising – after playing her through seven children, three prime ministers, a war, a famine, a cholera outbreak, an assassination attempt and a coronation – that occasionally, as Jenna Coleman goes about modern life, she finds herself thinking, ‘What would Queen Victoria do?’

‘I really do. She was very up on everyone else’s business. When she was young, she kept a journal knowing it would be read, and some of the entries are literally just, “Woke up at nine, dinner…

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Check the beautiful photoshoot of Jenna for Stella Magazine in our gallery and enjoy!

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