Mayara • September 01, 2012

So, here’s something nobody saw coming! Jenna-Louise Coleman made her debut appearance on Doctor Who as Oswin in the first episode, Asylum of the Daleks. HD screencaptures and stills have been added to our gallery.

Doctor Who > Season 7 > Episode Screencaptures > 7.01 – Asylum of the Daleks [+255]
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Episode Stills > 7.01 – Asylum of the Daleks [+4]

Nicole • August 30, 2012

Matt Smith has said Jenna-Louise Coleman‘s character will redefine his role as the Doctor.

The former Emmerdale star takes over as the Doctor’s companion part-way through the next series of Doctor Who after the departure of Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond and Arthur Darvill’s Rory Williams.

Asked how the Doctor would change without Amy and Rory, Smith told Heat: “That’s something I’m trying to explore in the playing of him at the moment. I think a new companion coming in changes who he is, so hopefully there’ll be some kind of fruits in that relationship redefining him a little.”

Gillan said: “I think the Doctor’s going to be sad to see the Ponds leave, but he’s also going to carry on, because that’s what he’s done for the past 50 years, essentially.”

Of how Coleman has been getting on, Smith said: “She’s doing brilliantly. She’s actually doing night shoots as we speak, poor thing.”

Doctor Who will return to BBC One and BBC America on Saturday, September 1.


Nicole • August 23, 2012

Added more images from August 21st’s filming. Thanks and credits to @ryanfarrr

Doctor Who > Season 7 > On Set Images > August 21st [+39]

Nicole • August 22, 2012

Updated the spoilers section of Doctor Who with some spoilers from the Christmas Special, and added the first filming images from yesterday. Thanks and credits to @ryanfarrr and @tardis_monkey. Stay tuned for more on set images!

Doctor Who > Season 7 > On Set Images > August 21st [+4]

Nicole • August 21, 2012

I’ve just update the Doctor Who section. I’ve added the spoilers page and the list of episodes. I’m going to update them when some more infos/spoilers come out :)