Nicole • September 29, 2012
Nicole • September 27, 2012

Doctor Who writer Tom MacRae has praised “fantastic” new companion actress Jenna-Louise Coleman.

MacRae told Digital Spy that he had been impressed by the 26-year-old star’s original audition tapes.

“She just had this amazing energy,” he explained. “She’s actually a couple of years older than Karen [Gillan] but she seems younger – she seems more of a teenager and bouncy. She’s fantastic. It’s really hard to take over from any companion that’s loved like Amy and Rory are, and she’s just going to be so different whilst still being a Doctor Who companion. It’s a very good choice from the producers.”

MacRae also confessed that he had been aware of Coleman’s surprise guest appearance in Who’s series seven premiere ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ prior to transmission.

“I was amazed that it stayed secret, but thrilled that it did,” he revealed. “It was a very clever decision of Steven [Moffat]’s to tease in that way, because he’s given away absolutely nothing but created a lot of interest.”

Mayara • September 24, 2012

Jenna-Louise Coleman broke the TARDIS on her first day filming with it.

The 26-year-old actress admits her early ‘Doctor Who’ filming as the Time Lord’s companion Oswin Oswald didn’t go too well as she had an ”argument” with the time-travelling spacecraft.

She said: ”I had my first scenes with the TARDIS the other day.

”In fact, I had an argument with the TARDIS. I fell through it. I had to bang on the doors, and the doors weren’t shut properly, so in front of all the crew I went flying through it. It’s on camera.

”I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, I’ve broken the Tardis, everyone’s going to hate me.’ ”

However, show bosses assured Jenna-Louise that mishaps were common – and that co-star Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor, is the most accident prone of all.

She added to Doctor Who magazine: ”He didn’t tell me that.”

Former ‘Emmerdale’ actress Jenna-Louise made her debut appearance in the show’s opening episode and will return at Christmas.

Nicole • September 23, 2012

Thanks to Mariana, I’ve added some scans of a couple of Saturday’s newspaper magazines and the article from Doctor Who Magazine #452 (I’ve added them only for those who can’t buy the magazine, but if you can please do!)!

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Nicole • September 23, 2012

Jenna Louise Coleman is of course hot TV property right now, given that she’s taken on the role of new Doctor Who companion Clara Oswin

We have of course already briefly met Clara during the show’s new series debut episode, but she becomes the Doctor’s sidekick full-time in the Christmas episode.

However, during an interview with the Daily Mirror, Jenna, who shot to fame as lesbian teen Jasmine Thomas in Emmerdale, has revealed that there have been times when she’s wondered if she’d ever truly “make it” in the world of show business.

But of course, since her Emmerdale days – and as well as her Doctor Who role – Jenna has starred in ITV’s blockbuster Titanic, the BBC’s soap Waterloo Road, and she’s also currently starring in an adaptation of John Braine’s 1950s tale, Room At The Top.

Of her acting career, Jenna told the Mirror, “I’ve come to realise there’s no rhyme nor reason… It’s not been easy. I’ve had to be very patient, and I haven’t done a lot of things that have been offered to me because they just didn’t feel right. I’ve done a lot of voice overs – like the DFS advert – and video games. And when I’m not working, I do a lot of yoga.”

And of her role in Room At The Top, in which she plays Susan Brown, Jenna said, “Room At The Top is about class, love, lust, sex, ambition, control and money… Susan Brown [is] the daughter of the richest man in Warley. Susan is a very innocent young girl, but she’s also quite spoilt. She’s only 19, yet doesn’t know her identity.” Moving on to her role on Emmerdale, Jenna said, “I thank my lucky stars I started off in this industry with such a fantastic break.”

She added, “Leaving Emmerdale was a risk, but I just hoped to get more work.”

Next, while discussing playing Doctor Who character Clara, Jenna said, “I’m looking forward to big adventures. There’s no limit to what they do with the stories and where in time we can go. I’m so excited.” And finally, of working with , who of course plays the Doctor, Jenna said, “Matt is so full of energy, which is infectious. Me joining him will be a new dynamic for the show and we’ll be working hard to make that work.”