Nicole • March 26, 2013

New Doctor Who 7x06 Promo

Jenna-Louise Coleman has been talking about the sparky relationship that her character Clara has with Matt Smith’s Doctor:

“They’re very flirty with each other,” she admits. “But at times it’s almost quite brotherly-sisterly. It’s kind of anything and everything. He’s like a parent, a child, a brother and a flirty kind of boyfriend type. Steven Moffat said that Clara finds the Doctor amazing and ridiculous in equal measure. I think that’s a good way to describe it.”

Talking on the set of The Bells of Saint John, Coleman also reveals how the Doctor is going to react to having a new companion in his life following the departure of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as Amy and Rory Pond:

“I’ve been watching the Ponds’ last five episodes as I’ve been filming. So it’s really interesting to see how the Doctor is now compared to how he was with Rory and Amy. He was very much the protector, almost like their granddad, and now he’s like a young boy again. Clara’s this new human that he isn’t used to, so he doesn’t quite know how to deal with her. As actors it’s happening too – Matt will expect a line to come in a certain way and it can be a bit jarring when something happens that neither of us expects.”

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