Nicole • March 18, 2013

The 26-year-old, who plays the mysterious Clara Oswin Oswald, made her first proper appearance in the Christmas special The Snowmen, and is back alongside Matt Smith’s Doctor when the series returns to BBC One on March 30.

However, speaking at the launch of the second half of the seventh series, she admitted the audition did not go exactly as she had been expecting.

‘I’d read the scenes and prepared them in a certain way and as soon as you’re approached by Matt all that goes out the window,’ she said.

‘But Matt made me feel like he was auditioning with me, I just didn’t know where it was going to go, but I felt thrilled and exciting by it and the idea of doing it day in day out was cool.’

Coleman added that the latest incarnation of Clara – who previously appeared briefly in the episode Asylum Of The Daleks and as a Victorian-era governess in the Christmas special – would be the one viewers would now become used to seeing.

While the show’s writer Steven Moffat joked: ‘We did a proper London story to introduce Clara but not kill her off this time’ – referring to the character’s demise in The Snowmen – Coleman said: ‘This is kind of Clara take three and this is Clara we’ll be with for the next episodes.’

The actress also confessed that despite being a hit with fans of the show, she had yet to receive a lot of attention from male admirers as a result.

‘I haven’t really,’ she admitted. ‘I kind of feel slightly removed from all that really. I’ve had some lovely fan mail but I think I’m just too short for people to recognise me.’