Nicole • August 18, 2017

Another new Jenna photoshoot and article today! A little more than a week ’till Victoria Season 2 premiere, and Jenna is featured in The Telegraph as well. Check the photoshoot in the gallery and stay tuned in case of outtakes additions!

THE TELEGRAPH – Jenna Coleman is in a buoyant mood as she trudges through a field near Bramham Park in Yorkshire, where the second series of Victoria is being filmed. She is in full queenly regalia, Coleman tells me on the phone: trussed up in a corset and a thickly skirted tartan dress (they’re pretending it’s Scotland), en route to a costume van.

‘Honestly, I really wish you could see me, it’s quite funny. I’ve got big boots on, so I don’t get caught in the mud, with a tiara, and there’s lots of sheep everywhere. It’s very glamorous.’

Victoria was ITV’s highest-rated drama last year, amassing over seven million viewers, beating the BBC’s Poldark in the Sunday-night ratings war, and winning widespread critical acclaim. (Read the rest of the article at the source)

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