Nicole • October 12, 2016

THE EVENING STANDARD – Jenna Coleman has gushed over her Victoria co-star Tom Hughes, saying there is no actor more “perfect” for the role of Prince Albert.

The pair play husband and wife in the ITV period drama which follows the reign of Queen Victoria from her coronation at 18 through to her marriage to the German Prince, with whom she had nine children.

Coleman revealed Hughes was her first choice for the role and praised the way he “metamorphosizes” into Albert.

Speaking to Standard Online she said: “The producers and I came up with an ideal Albert, and [Hughes] was the top of everyone’s list. There isn’t anybody more perfect for the part.”

The actress said she was initially apprehensive about working closely with him.

“We’ve been friends for six or seven years now,” she said. “Working with a friend you never know what it’s going to be like, but we’ve always got the same ideas so it just works. He just metamorphosizes into Albert. I just see Albert and not Tom at all. He’s a really clever actor.”

Coleman also opened up about her “charismatic” co-star Rufus Sewell, who plays her Prime Minister and friend Lord Melbourne, and said she would love him to reprise his role for series two.

She said: “It was amazing working with Rufus Sewell. The two of us laughed our way through filming. We’ve formed a really lovely friendship from it. I’d love Lord Melbourne to stay alongside Lord Albert, but unfortunately she can’t have both in her life – and anyway [Sewell] has to go back to playing a Nazi in The Man in the High Castle.”

Coleman said taking on the famous monarch was “daunting” – which was made more challenging by the costumes and side saddlling.

“I did the horse riding from scratch,” she said. “Side saddling is tough and so is waltzing. It changes your breathing. I was in one for so long you forget how unforgiving they are. But when Victoria fell pregnant I could get comfier in a latex bump instead of a corset.”

The actress moved to Victoria immediately after wrapping up Doctor Who, and said she is still trying to “digest” the attention around her.

“Doctor Who was like a sprite train that you jump on,” she said. “It’s a wonderful experience – but not a normal one. I think that will take a bit of time to digest.” (source)