Nicole • December 13, 2016

THE LIST.CO.UK – Jenna Coleman has no plans to try and break Hollywood.

The ‘Victoria’ actress’ career is going from strength to strength but she insists she is content with her life in the UK and has no desire to move to the US.

Asked if Hollywood appeals, she said: “The beauty of television is you have more time to explore a story. I will listen to my instincts and fight for something when I want to, but I want to live in London. I won’t go off and live in America.”

But the 30-year-old star also admitted she is in “denial” about how things are changing for her.

She added: “Maybe I’m still in denial that my life is exactly the same.”

Despite her successes, Jenna finds it difficult to praise her own achievements.

She said: “It’s going well. There have been a lot of ‘pinch me’ moments where you realise you’re actually doing what you wanted to do your whole life. I’m so sorry. I’ve just realised I’m doing the very British thing of not being able to pat yourself on the back. It’s more, ‘keep calm and carry on’. I just can’t say well done to myself.”

When it came to portraying the titular monarch in ‘Victoria’, Jenna turned to her former ‘Doctor Who’ co-star Matt Smith for help with research, as he was also preparing for a regal role, playing Prince Philip in ‘The Crown’.

She told Grazia magazine: “We both sat and tried to work out our relation to one another. I’m playing his great great granny, which is very funny for us.” (source)