Nicole • September 27, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUTE – Will Jenna Coleman come back for any “Doctor Who” appearances after her departure this season?

“We’ll have to see how Clara leaves,” she said Friday, teasing a thrilled audience of about 45,000 people at Salt Lake Comic Con. “I’m not saying anything, I’m not suggesting anything, either — I’m just saying.”

Of course, her time traveler, Clara, is no stranger to goodbyes. She died in her first episode. She came back for the next Christmas special, “The Snowmen” — Coleman’s favorite to film — and died again. And in Sept. 19’s episode, Clara met a grim end yet again, when she was shot in the back by the very Daleks Coleman feels a sort of connection to; after all, she used to play one.

Things aren’t looking much better for Clara in Saturday’s episode, either.

“I think it’s [head writer Steven Moffat’s] favorite thing to do, is keep killing me off and bring me back to kill me off again, and find different ways,” Coleman said. “There’s some really fun stuff in Saturday’s episode, actually, which kind of involves Missy sort of torturing me.”

Torture aside, acting with Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy, is a bunch of fun for Coleman.

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