Nicole • November 25, 2013

Doctor Who Celebration
The Doctor Who Celebration is now officially over, and being now back home the updates are back! I’ve already started yesterday but I was so tired that I couldn’t make it with all the stuff I have to add. So now, let’s start with the DW Celebration Day 1: Friday November 22nd, the day I was there! It was really amazing being there, seeing all the fans and cosplayers and I got to see Jenna, very closely! I was in the first line when she arrived for the autographs so I’ve been able to take several amazing close-ups! Of her and Catrin Stewart, that was near Jenna during the session (and that is so lovely and cute!). Also during her panel, Catrin said her and Jenna are very close and they get along very well (BFF alert!). Well, saying that, here’s the update.

Thanks to the amazing Claudia, Celiné, Gabby and Helen that heleped me with the pics while I was away, I’ve been able to add several photos from the DW Celebration Opening, Autographs Session and Eleventh Hour Panel together with the EXCLUSIVES ones that are those taken by me. Feel free to use them (or better, please use them! I’d love to see edits with my photos ;) ) just please put a credit on the site or my flickr, especially if you’re going to re-post them on your sites! More photos of Catrin Stewart, Bernard Cribbins and Matt Smith can be found on my flickr HERE and HERE.

Here’s my autographed photo! While she was saying it I told her I was from Italy and she said “oh wow!!”. Wish I could tell her more, but they told us to be very quick :(

And here’s an interview video made during the opening of the DW Celebration!

Exclusive! We caught up with Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat at the launch of the official Doctor Who 50th Celebration at ExCeL London, and got them to answer some questions about The Day of the Doctor, 50 years of Doctor Who and whether Matt would ever consider donning the bowtie once again!