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Nicole • September 29, 2015

Jenna on TeamCoco!

Jenna was guest on Conan O’Brien last night (September 28). She talked about Doctor Who, her departure and her new role as young Victoria. A couple of videos from her appearance could be watched below:

Jenna Coleman On What She Took From “Doctor Who”
Jenna has wrapped up her tenure as the Doctor’s companion but took a few mementos to remember the time by.

Jenna Coleman On How Best To Enjoy “Doctor Who”
The motto of the writers, according to Jenna, is “do not employ logic.”

Also, some twitter and instagram behind the scenes pics! Check them in our gallery:

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Nicole • August 25, 2014

New twelfth doctor Peter Capaldi, co-star Jenna Coleman and head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat join “CBS This Morning:Saturday” to talk about the new season of television’s longest-running sci-fi show.

Nicole • December 23, 2013

Best known as the Doctor’s companion, Jenna Coleman has been doing some time travel of her own.

She talks to Charlie and Sally about her new period drama based on a sequel to the Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice. Jenna also explains that changes are afoot for the TARDIS crew in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special.

Nicole • November 24, 2013

On November 20th Jenna was guest at The One Show, together with John Hurt and Steven Moffat promoting The Day of the Doctor. Thanks to BlogtorWho we have the video of the appearance, and a photo have been added to the gallery as well!

Check Blogtor Who for more videos!

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Nicole • November 19, 2013

Jenna was guest on this morning ITV’s Daybreak! She looked stunning and she has been interviewed on the Doctor Who 50th Special and such. Be sure to check the video below, also photos from her arriving have been added to the gallery!

Click on the image for the video
Jenna on Daybreak

Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara, the companion of the 11th Doctor, joins us on the sofa to talk about The Day of the Doctor, the episode which marks the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

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TV Apperances & Interviews > 2013 > November 18: ITV’s Daybreak [+1]