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Nicole • September 11, 2012

I’ve update the media page, adding some icons, animations and a new section: drawings! Where you can find drawings by the very talented Heath Ziegenfusz, that he kindly donate to Jenna-Louise Coleman Online.

Nicole • August 21, 2012

I’ve just update the Doctor Who section. I’ve added the spoilers page and the list of episodes. I’m going to update them when some more infos/spoilers come out :)

Nicole • April 30, 2012

Hello everybody and welcome to Jenna-Louise Colema Online! The new source dedicate to the new Doctor Who companion, who will make her debut in the show during the 2012 Christmas Special. The site is not yet complete, but we decided to open it anyway because she will start shooting in May and we want to be online for bring you all the news and pictures from the set. The Doctor Who section is still under construction since we basically don’t know anything about her character, but in the Trivia section you can already find some fun facts regarding her audition. The gallery is pretty much up-to-date we just need to add the screencaps from her tv shows, but they’re will be up asap I promise!

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