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Nicole • March 16, 2014

Jenna Coleman Online Version 3

Finally after more than a year I’ve been able to change the main theme here at Jenna Coleman Online (the gallery will be changed soon as well!). I’ve decided to use the photoshoot she did for The Evening Standard last year! I hope you like it and if you find any errors please let me know :) Also be sure to follow the site on FACEBOOK and twitter @JLCOLEMANORG!

Nicole • November 20, 2013

Hi everyone, just wanted to warn the site’s visitors that I’m leaving for London tomorrow ’cause I’m attending the DW Celebration on Friday! So sadly I won’t be able to update with all the 50th related news and videos until Sunday late afternoon :( but everything will be added once I’m back, and if ExCel has the wi-fi maybe I’ll tweet something! Have a good Doctor Who weekend!!