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Nicole • June 20, 2013

AudioGO spoke to Jenna-Louise Coleman about her reading of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden:

-What do you like best about the character of Mary?
I liked the fact that I could go to town playing a young spoilt brat but then she also undergoes a huge change that softens her, and she matures and becomes much more open so it was a lovely transition to make.

-Which character was the hardest to portray?
Without a doubt it was Colin. I think in terms of pitch trying to capture a young well spoken boy without sounding like a girl hindered me! and also trying to differentiate between the two young protagonists, especially as he becomes more alive toward the end of the story.

-Do you have a secret garden and if so, can you tell us why it’s special to you?
It’s not so secret but I suppose the garden I grew up in will always hold a special place on my heart. I have all sorts of memories. My favourite game used to be lifting up rocks and collecting insects, which is ironic as I’m terrified of spiders now. Also my brother once convinced me to eat grass convincing me it was ‘eating grass’. We had paddling pools in the summer and we also had a treehouse that my dad made from scratch for my brother and myself and swings hanging from them. It was a lovely place to grow up and play and discover. I suppose my closest place to a garden now is regents park where I love to walk, looking at the white houses that surround it and seeing the penguins at the zoo and the duck pond. I found it a lovely place to stop to breathe whilst living a hectic London life.


Nicole • June 08, 2013

Doctor Who star Jenna-Louise Coleman has admitted filming her final scenes opposite Matt Smith will be an emotional experience.

“I don’t even want to pick up that script just yet!” she said in one of her first interviews since Smith announced he was leaving the BBC show.

She insisted she has no idea who will play the next Doctor.

The actress was speaking after meeting The Queen at the official opening of the BBC’s Broadcasting House.

Coleman, who plays the Doctor’s assistant Clara, said it was “such an honour” to meet Queen, and that she was the only person who did not try to quiz her about the identity of the next Doctor.

“Everybody else in the building has asked me who the next Doctor is, and I can tell you honestly we don’t know. It’s going to be a long, long search. But yes, I’m being asked that question a lot.”

She confirmed that filming on Matt Smith’s final story will not begin until the autumn. The special episode, which will be broadcast at Christmas, is also expected to introduce Smith’s successor. She said she has no preferences for what kind of actor will be cast.

“I am completely open, and I have lots of confidence in [head writer] Steven [Moffat] and all the team. And I’m sure they’re very much across it. But we shall see. I just can’t think about it yet. I think because we’ve [Matt and I] got so much left to [do]. We haven’t even begun our goodbye yet. So, I suppose that’s all I can think about at the moment.”

Since Matt Smith announced that he was leaving the BBC One show after four years there has been a large amount of speculation about his replacement.

At the moment the BBC will only confirm that the search for the 12th actor to play the Time Lord is now under way. When and how the new Doctor’s identity will be revealed is likely to depend on when an actor is chosen.

With filming for the Christmas special not beginning until the autumn, a casting announcement may not need to be made until late summer, or even later. When Matt Smith was chosen as the 11th Doctor, the news that someone had been cast and their identity was successfully kept secret for weeks.


Nicole • April 05, 2013

Now that Clara has officially debuted as Doctor Who‘s new companion, let’s get down to solving the mystery of this “impossible girl.”

On Saturday’s Doctor Who (8/7c, BBC America), present-day Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) will have her first outer space adventure in “The Rings of Akhaten.” Coleman sat down with to give the scoop on what it takes to play the Doctor’s (Matt Smith) new companion, Clara’s rivalry with the TARDIS and the highly anticipated 50th anniversary special:

First of all, do I call you Jenna-Louise or just Jenna?
Jenna-Louise Coleman:
It’s Jenna. I keep getting called Jenna-Louise [by reporters] but it’s something that my mom calls me when she’s angry with me.

There is a huge mystery surrounding Clara: Two versions of her — one in the future and one the past — both died, and she is living in the present day. Has writer/executive producer Steven Moffat explained the mystery to you yet?
I only found out whilst reading the last episode of our season, which was a couple of months before we finished shooting. So I played most of the season not knowing, which is really good. I didn’t need to know in order to play what I needed to do.

Are you satisfied with how the mystery is explained?
It’s being slowly teased throughout the series. It’s like this slowly unfolding mystery, and we will eventually get payoff.

Much is said about each new Doctor’s signature style, but the companions also have their own sense of fashion. Does present-day Clara have any signature looks? What is her style?
I’ve got seven or eight girls I’m really close to, and I live with two or three of them in London. We all went to school together. I really wanted her to look like she could be any of them. So we’ve done loads of jewelry, which is featured throughout. I’ve got this “timey-wimey” watch actually, which has loads of different clock faces on it. Because of all the different Claras and all the dimensions, the costume drops some subliminal references. Clara is also quite collared actually and she’s quite chic. I kind of liked the idea of that. She looks a little bit cutesy, but she’s got biker boots on. She’s the kind of girl who [sits] in a library reading, but she’s actually quite a go-getter, action fighter with these little biker boots. She’ll take you by surprise. She’s not all that she seems.

Moffat has said that one of the reasons why you were cast is that you could talk faster than Matt Smith. Are you naturally a fast talker?
I think it’s to do with Steven’s writing as well. It’s kind of in the rhythm of it and it works for the pace, but I have a tendency to talk very fast anyway. Matt and I feed off of each other with it I think. But it causes problems because then I go to ADR [automated dialogue replacement] in the studio afterwards and I have to keep up with myself, which is quite difficult. You’ve got to look at your own face and match your mouth, so it’s quite tricky when you talk as fast as I do.

What’s the chemistry between you and Matt behind the scenes?
It’s great. The TARDIS is like our little home. As you’re waiting for set-ups and things like that, we kind of just chill out in the TARDIS and gossip and chat.

(Read the rest of the interview at the source)

Nicole • March 29, 2013

The lovely Jenna-Louise Coleman sits down with Chris and Matt to talk about weird first dates, their favorite British and American TV shows and being the new Companion on Doctor Who! (source)

Jenna-Louise Coleman by The Nerdist on Mixcloud

Nicole • March 22, 2013

Jenna Louis Coleman is thought to have given such an impressive audition that Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat changed his plans for the new series because of her.

With the premiere of the new series of the sci-fi drama set to hit our screens next week, Jenna unintentionally revealed that her audition caused Steven to rethink his plans for the new episodes.

Speaking about her role as Clara on the show alongside Matt Smith who plays the iconic role of the Time Lord, the Mirror reported Jenna who has previously starred in Emmerdale, saying:

“She is the woman twice dead and the impossible girl. I think that is the brilliant thing. Bringing in a new character is hard, but Steven has done the best thing and been very clever by creating this mystery. It wasn’t how it was supposed to be at first, it kinda evolved during the audition period. I came in to play a Mary Poppins governess which was to be the character full time and then as we were auditioning Oswin was already written and it all just kind of got pieced together.”

The actress added: “It goes over the next series and we get a huge pay off at the end of the series.”

Despite being settled with her role alongside Matt, Jenna recently admitted to EntertainmentWise that she was “knocked over” by Matt when she first met him.

She said: “Instantly from the first audition I definitely felt it and it was a feeling of walking away from the audition room and feeling like I’d been knocked off my feet like a hurricane. I felt this is what I would like to do day in and day out. Everyday is so different and I really don’t know what he’s going to throw at me which is great so it’s kind of keeping that spontaneity.”

Equally happy to be working with Jenna, Matt added: “And that’s what we got immediately, with Jenna and Steven’s writing as such, there’s such rhythm to it and it’s fun and that’s the main thing. Happy that the Doctor will have a new companion, Matt continued: “I think it’s quite nice for the Doctor. I think having got his grieving for the Ponds out of the way, I think she’s reignited his curiosity for the universe and given him his mojo back. I just have to say that she (Jenna) is absolutely brilliant and she’s been a joy to work with and I’m really proud of the work we’ve done and I think it’s exciting for the character as he’s been given a new lease somehow.”