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Nicole • December 08, 2012

Matt and Jenna replied to some Tumblr questions yesterday, the official Doctor Who blog was so kind to take some pics that I’ve added to the gallery! And you can read the Q&A HERE.

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Nicole • December 07, 2012

Apparently Jenna is doing an interview (and let’s hope a photoshoot?) with Allure Magazine while being in America to promote the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

@BBCAMERICA Fun times with @allure_magazine & Jenna. #DoctorWho

@BBCAMERICA #DoctorWho‘s companion taking a break from time traveling for a bit of shopping. Which color should Jenna go

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Nicole • December 07, 2012

Matt and Jenna attended their first event together yesterday, a Christmas Special screening during the BBC America Breakfast show. Sadly there are no official pics, only some twitter/instagram ones. But better than nothing right? :) Also the Christmas Special is featured in the cover of this month’s Doctor Who Magazine, added it in the gallery as well!

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Nicole • August 21, 2012

Added some more images of Jenna at the VFestival in the gallery!

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Nicole • August 18, 2012

Jenna is probably taking a break from the Doctor Who filming and today attended the 2012’s VFestival. A couple of images have been added to the gallery, let’s hope for some more during the night!

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