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Nicole • December 21, 2012

Radio Times just posted some exclusives wallpapers from the photoshoot Matt and Jenna did for the magazine for promoting the Christmas Special. Be sure to cheick their site for more monitor resolution!

Nicole • December 21, 2012

Added a clipping for yesterday’s The Sun, an outtake from the Stella Magazine photoshoot and a new drawing made by Heath Ziegenfusz in the Media section :)

3rd drawing by Heath Ziegenfusz

Nicole • December 19, 2012

The arrival of Jenna-Louise as Clara in the latest installment of Doctor Who won’t be the only change up for the beloved BBC show.

The Christmas special will feature a new Tardis as well as a revamped theme tune and opening title sequence.

A lucky audience gathered to see a preview of the new episode at a special screening in London which featured an intimate Q&A with the cast.


Added several new images from yesterday’s photocall, they both look gorgeous!

Nicole • December 18, 2012

Matt and Jenna were guest at BBC Radio1 Breakfast Show this morning! I’ve added some related images in the gallery! They said during the show, that they have a photoshoot today and a screening tonight, exciting! Let’s hope in some pics :)

Nicole • December 17, 2012