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Nicole • December 17, 2014

Jenna was a guest on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show yesterday! You can listen to her interview, talking about the Doctor Who Christmas Special, below:

click on the image for the podcast

Also, added photos of her outside the studios and one from the show’s photobooth:

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Nicole • November 27, 2014

Thanks to Far Far Away, I’ve added in the gallery HQ outtakes from the photoshoot Jenna and Peter did to promote Doctor Who Season 8 for Entertainment Weekly. Be sure to check them in the gallery!

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Nicole • November 25, 2014

To mark the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray Box Set, Digital Spy sat down with Jenna Coleman to reflect on her time with the series, Clara’s journey this year and achieving global stardom.

Let’s go back to when you heard Matt Smith was leaving – were you nervous about having to work so closely with someone new?
“No, not really, I wasn’t, ‘cos when I found out it was Peter [Capaldi], I was still filming with Matt, so I was very involved there and we were having a great time and kind of doing our goodbyes.

“But then me and Peter went out for lunch… I didn’t tell Matt that, actually! It was like two-timing – and we both ordered omelettes and chips and from then on I knew it was going to be great!

“He’s so easy to talk to, instantly, and actually, from the first day on set, one thing I really noticed was he just totally had my back from day one. Even though it was his first day, he really looks after the people around him.

“It’s great ‘cos we’re mates, and it’s funny because we’re such different ages, but we’re just totally really good buddies. It’s lovely.”

Clara went through a lot in the series – do you feel she’s changed since we first met her?
“It’s interesting. I think the first series she was an enigma and she was removed from the audience and she was this mystery, so in a way she was kind of fulfilling the role of companion but yet we didn’t really know her as a person and that was kind of the purpose of the story.

“Not only is the show very different now, but the dynamic obviously was totally up for grabs as well – the show has been reinvented and the dynamic is new, so we can get to know Clara as a person more because the [original] story’s now out of the way.”

Do you feel like there was more of you in her this series? There were references to Blackpool and a little bit more of your accent coming through…
“That’s Mark Gatiss! He’s Northern and it’s funny whenever I read his scripts… you just see the Northernisms coming through, especially in the Robin Hood episode.

“But I don’t know how similar she is to me. Not as much of the control-freakiness. That’s not me! I’m totally chilled.”

(Read the rest of the interview at the source)

Nicole • October 26, 2014

Updated the gallery adding some Doctor Who Season 8 behind the scenes pics and a couple of outtakes from the Glamour photoshoot. Enjoy!

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Nicole • August 28, 2014

Updated the gallery adding even more pics from the Deep Breah promotion (New York Premiere and London photocall + screening with thanks to AliKat for some of the pics!), scans from Tv Guide (August 25 issue, thanks to Claudia!) and TV & Satellite Week (August 23-29 issue) and another outtake from the Peter and Jenna LA Times photoshoot!

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