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Nicole • January 30, 2019

Last night (January 29) Jenna attended the Christian Dior: Designer Of Dreams Exhibition, held at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London, hosted by the Board of Trustees and Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tristram Hunt.

Jenna looked regal and really amazing in a Dior black sequined tulle gown with simple black heels, Oseanyx pearl earrings by Venyx World and a Dior Saddle bag in black calfskin (thanks to Jenna Coleman Closet for the infos!).

Few but beautiful photos from the evening have now been added to the gallery. I really loved this look and I think Jenna looked ever so great! Enjoy :)

Nicole • January 28, 2019

HD screencaps from the second episode of the new season of Victoria (aired on Sunday, January 20) London Bridge Is Falling Down have now been added to the gallery! Together with a Production Still. Still no news on a UK premiere date….keep our twitter checked for any updates @JennaColemanCom!

Television Series > 2019 – Victoria Season 3 > HD Screencaps > 3×02 – Fact of Fiction [+1073]
Television Series > 2019 – Victoria Season 3 > Production Stills > 3×02 – Fact of Fiction [+1]
Nicole • January 18, 2019

The first episode of the third series of Victoria aired last Sunday (January 13) on Masterpiece PBS. HD screencaps from it have now been added to the gallery! Together with a Production Still. I also added a couple of Promotional Photos from season 3 with Victoria and Albert. Enjoy!

Television Series > 2019 – Victoria Season 3 > HD Screencaps > 3×01 – Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown [+693]
Television Series > 2019 – Victoria Season 3 > Production Stills > 3×01 – Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown [+1]
Television Series > 2019 – Victoria Season 3 > Promotional Photos [+2]
Nicole • January 11, 2019

WWD – Around this time last year, British actress Jenna Coleman was aboard a plane to Australia. “With the most amount of fear,” she adds.

Coleman was en route to film the mystery BBC miniseries “The Cry,” which debuted in the fall of 2018. “What’s been most amazing is the speculation,” she says of reaction to the show and the accompanying whodunit around a mother and her missing child. “The worst thing in the world would be a really obvious psychological thriller that doesn’t keep people guessing; that doesn’t have secrets.”

Coleman’s had little time to catch her breath since that plane ride — a day after wrapping “The Cry,” she was back in character as Queen Victoria for the third season of “Victoria,” which premieres Jan. 13. There’s been a lot of filming, a lot of press, and as Coleman puts it, “It’s been a real freight train of a year.”

“To be honest, each project that you start feels quite scary, always feels like a bit of a mountain in a way in terms of: how on earth do I get to know who the real Queen Victoria was? And how on earth do I play a grieving mother going through the most unimaginable circumstances in a way that can lend itself to a thriller where you have to play the truth, but never give the truth?”

The answer for Coleman is a lot of research channeled through intuition. At the end of the second season of “Victoria,” her character had already become a mother to three children, with four more “on the way.”

“The feeling we left them with was ‘we’re no longer children anymore, are we?’” she says, describing the dynamic with her onscreen husband Prince Albert, played by her real-life partner Tom Hughes. “And then we pick up this season and it’s like: jump cuts, so many years [have passed], they have seven children now, they’ve been married 10 years. And so she herself is older and looking at [the question] how do we age?”

While the 32-year-old brunette has no personal experience as a mother to draw from, Coleman still had a deep pool of maternal proclivities to tap into for both “The Cry” and the upcoming season of “Victoria,” and in a way, her portrayals benefited from her explorations of the other one.

(Read the rest of the interview at the source)

Photoshoots > Sessions from 2019 > 003 – WWD [+2]
Nicole • January 11, 2019

A special screening for The Cry has been held at the BAFTA New York HQ yesterday (January 10) with Jenna attending for a Q&A.

For the occasion Jenna wore a Pre-fall 2019 Chloé look n. 9 with Willy platform combat boots by Robert Clergerie (thanks to Jenna Coleman Closet for the infos!). Several photos from the event and Jenna outside the BAFTA HQ have now been added to the gallery, enjoy!