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Nicole • May 25, 2013

I’ve updated the gallery adding several new photos of Jenna from: Tom Riley‘s twitter, he posted a pic of the photos they taken at the Empire Awards photobooth, some new stills from Doctor Who 7×12 Nightmare in Silver and 7×13 The Name of the Doctorand some addition to the latest events she attended! She’s at the Collectormania today, I hope to be able to get some photos to post on the site!

Nicole • May 17, 2013

Way more production stills from the season finale of Doctor Who The Name of the Doctor have been added to the gallery!!

Nicole • May 14, 2013

Added the first production stills and promotional image from the Doctor Who season 7 finale The Name of the Doctor in the gallery!

Nicole • May 07, 2013

Added some new promotional images and production stills from the next episode of Doctor Who Nightmare in Silver.

EDIT: Added 3 more production stills!

Nicole • April 30, 2013

Added some new production stills and promotional images from the next episode of Doctor Who The Crimson Horror!