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Nicole • August 22, 2016

Jenna was guest on Good Morning Britain! this morning. She looked great and elegant in a simple Victoria Beckham dress and Tabitha Simmons shoes! Several stills from her appearance in the episode have now been added to the gallery:

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Nicole • August 19, 2016

The site is finally back! We’re really sorry for the downtime, our host has been hacked but the admins have been able to restore all the sites without losing anything so here we are, ready to bring you news and updates again!

Back on August 11th, Jenna attended the press day for her new drama Queen Victoria. During the afternoon she attended a press conference – followed by a screening premiere in the evening – both held at the Kensington Palace in London.

During the press conference Jenna wore a Peter Pilotto dress with shoes by Louboutin. For the evening premiere, instead, she looked very regal in a Erdem floral dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.

Several photos from both events – especially from the screening – have now been added to the gallery! Enjoy them and be sure to follow the site on twitter @JennaColemanCom!

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Nicole • July 30, 2016

The gallery has been updated adding some more photos from the Victoria Panel at the TCAs (Jenna was wearing a Burberry dress), some new outtakes from the TCA Portraits and a new one thanks to Far Far Away plus a new Victoria promotional image and still. Check them out in the gallery, enjoy!

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Nicole • July 29, 2016
Nicole • July 29, 2016

Jenna attended the TCA Summer Tour for promoting Victoria on PBS yesterday (June 28). The drama will premiere on the American network on January 2017 (we don’t have a UK date yet though).

INDIEWIRE – The former “Doctor Who” companion plays the famed British monarch from the moment she becomes queen at the tender age of 18 in Masterpiece’s upcoming eight-part miniseries “Victoria.” Although Queen Victoria lived in the 19th century, more is known about her than many other historical figures, because she was an avid diarist and left a colorful paper trail of her thoughts and dreams.

“Her vivacious nature comes out in the page,” Coleman told reporters at the Television Critics Association on Thursday. The diaries included many all-caps and underlined portions. “What I found most interesting was her sketch work,” Coleman added. “She was quite a prolific watercolorist,” Portraits figured regularly in Queen Victoria’s work along with landscapes. She as also a fan of the theater.

Novelist Daisy Goodwin, who wrote and created the series, read between the lines to create the personal details of Victoria’s life. Although the Prime Minister Lord Melbourne (played in the series by Rufus Sewell) was the queen’s adviser and friend, Goodwin said Victoria’s crush on Melbourne was apparent if you “count how many times she mentioned Lord Melbourne” in her diary, and therefore wrote these romantic feelings into the script.

Victoria set a precedent for flouting tradition from the beginning of her reign. “Not only did she take control, but she literally invented her own name,” said Goodwin. “She chose Victoria because it’s a victorious name.” Before her coronation, she was called Alexandrina Victoria, or Drina by her family, but when she obtained the crown, she chose to be called Queen Victoria, which broke tradition since English queens were often Annes, Janes or Elizabeths.

What Queen Victoria was able to accomplish was extraordinary, considering her youth and the sexism during that time. Goodwin noted that during that time, “Women don’t have the vote. Married women are the property of husbands,”

“And she’s 4-foot-11,” Coleman added.

Victoria’s short stature is made much of in the series, as it lead to some treating her as a child. Nevertheless, she went on to marry her cousin Prince Albert (Tom Hughes), who was reportedly tall, possibly 6 feet. The royal couple were famously quite smitten with each other, having nine children together. They were so amorous that Goodwin says Albert had a special device put in their bedroom that allowed him to lock their bedroom door without getting out of bed. (source)

Several photos from the PBS press room and the Victoria Panel have now been added to the gallery – with big thanks to my friend Emily for her precious help. More, though, will sure be added as well during the day so follow the site twitter @JennaColemanCom to stay up-to-date!

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