The series is filmed in an airport hangar in Leeds, Yorkshire, where the set for Buckingham Palace was built, the hangar being “the only place they could find that was big enough to hold the set. I get my hair and makeup done and then travel across the tarmac.” Jenna said. (source)

To prepare for the role, Jenna said she studied Victoria’s voluminous journals, diaries and artwork, as well biographies, comments by her contemporaries and films set in the Victorian era. She said that in addition to being “quite an accomplished artist.” (source)

Jenna had to try 70 different pairs of contact lense to find the right light-blue color for Victoria’s eyes.

“I think we were in the zone of about 70 pairs of contact lenses. We did different camera tests and again it was Nic Collins – head of make-up – it was her idea, which was great because any of the portraits that we look at, the first thing we see are her eyes.”