Jenna auditioned for the role in Doctor Who in secret pretending it was for something called Men on Waves, an anagram for “Woman Seven” as she would first appear in the programme’s seventh series.

Moffat – “We did see a lot of brilliant actresses, because Andy Pryor is a brilliant casting director. There was a moment I remember, I think it was the second time she came in. She and Matt were together and they both looked frightened, doing a Doctor Who scene, it was brilliant. And then the fact that – which we’re going to play a lot with – I think she’s possibly the only person I’ve ever heard go faster than Matt. It was the first time we were going, ‘My God, Matt’s trying to keep up!’ – it came to life as a partnership. We were so excited.”

Steven, was the character fully formed (during the audition) or did Jenna’s casting inform the character?
Moffat – “Well, it’s a bit of both. The scripts were written, but the way it kind of works is, it starts with you telling them who the character is, and when it works, they tell you who the character is. Just as a lot of the Eleventh Doctor is actually Matt, it’s down to him. You have to let it develop that way, so it’s both. It will develop and it will change.”

The script from the Jenna’s audition can be found here
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“Instant poster! They belonged together! Those two faces, those two people. all those magazine covers in the future, all those book covers, and DVDs, and lunch boxes, and action figures – in one mad moment I could see them all” – Steven Moffat
(source: Production NotesDoctor Who Magazine)

“Matt was in the audition with me and he made me feel like we were both in it together, which was lovely. And I just left the room on a massive high, with a feeling of, ‘this would be great to do day-in, day-out, on set, together with Matt.” – Jenna Coleman
(source: Doctor Who Magazine)

“It always seems impossible when you start casting these parts, but when we saw Matt and Jenna together, we knew we had our girl. She’s funny and clever and exactly mad enough to step on board the TARDIS.” – Steven Moffat
(source: Doctor Who Magazine)