» Clara: “I’m looking for The Doctor. Doctor! Doctor! Do you know him?” Jenny: “Doctor? Doctor Who?” (@ryanfarrr)

» “Clara runs into the square and shouts “Doctor!” over and over, looking in the air. She sounds quite Cockney” (@ryanfarrr)

» Vidoes of Jenna filming the Christmas Special here, here and here thanks to @ryanfarrr

» Christmas Special’s title is “The Snowmen”

» Jenna’s character name is Clara Oswin (The Mirror)

» Clara is “computer whizz who is feisty and flirty.” (The Mirror)

» One of her opening lines to the Timelord is: “Rescue me boy and show me the stars.” (The Mirror)

» She will initially be referred to simply as Oswin by the Timelord (The Mirror)

» Episode 8 title is “The Cold War”, Episode 9 “Phantoms of the Hex”, Episode 10 “The Crimson Horror” (Thanks CultBox)

» Both the Christmas Special and The Crimson Horror are set in the Victorian Era.

On Set Images

Thanks to @ryanfarrr, @simon_watkins, @CardiffTimelord, @tlchimera and @gabundy for some of the images!