Nicole • June 20, 2013

AudioGO spoke to Jenna-Louise Coleman about her reading of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden:

-What do you like best about the character of Mary?
I liked the fact that I could go to town playing a young spoilt brat but then she also undergoes a huge change that softens her, and she matures and becomes much more open so it was a lovely transition to make.

-Which character was the hardest to portray?
Without a doubt it was Colin. I think in terms of pitch trying to capture a young well spoken boy without sounding like a girl hindered me! and also trying to differentiate between the two young protagonists, especially as he becomes more alive toward the end of the story.

-Do you have a secret garden and if so, can you tell us why it’s special to you?
It’s not so secret but I suppose the garden I grew up in will always hold a special place on my heart. I have all sorts of memories. My favourite game used to be lifting up rocks and collecting insects, which is ironic as I’m terrified of spiders now. Also my brother once convinced me to eat grass convincing me it was ‘eating grass’. We had paddling pools in the summer and we also had a treehouse that my dad made from scratch for my brother and myself and swings hanging from them. It was a lovely place to grow up and play and discover. I suppose my closest place to a garden now is regents park where I love to walk, looking at the white houses that surround it and seeing the penguins at the zoo and the duck pond. I found it a lovely place to stop to breathe whilst living a hectic London life.