Nicole • October 12, 2012

Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan have handed over the baton to newcomer Jenna Louise Coleman, but what does Doctor Who’s Rory Williams think of the new assistant?

“I met Jenna during the filming for Asylum of the Daleks and I think she’s brilliant,” says Darvill. “She has to be different from Amy and I think what she did in that episode was just great – I’m really intrigued. It’s so nice not knowing what’s going to happen and to be able to watch it all unfold. I think Jenna’s a really interesting actress and I reckon Matt’s going to have a great time on set with her.”

Fans of Doctor Who received an unexpected introduction to Coleman’s character, Oswin Oswald, in the series seven opener Asylum of the Daleks, as a brilliant young crew member of the crashed starliner Alaska… who’s been turned into a Dalek. Viewers will have to wait until she reappears in the Doctor Who Christmas special to see how show runner Steven Moffat incorporates her into the plot.