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Nicole • August 22, 2012

Updated the spoilers section of Doctor Who with some spoilers from the Christmas Special, and added the first filming images from yesterday. Thanks and credits to @ryanfarrr and @tardis_monkey. Stay tuned for more on set images!

Doctor Who > Season 7 > On Set Images > August 21st [+4]

Nicole • August 21, 2012

I’ve just update the Doctor Who section. I’ve added the spoilers page and the list of episodes. I’m going to update them when some more infos/spoilers come out :)

Nicole • August 21, 2012

Added some more images of Jenna at the VFestival in the gallery!

Public Appearances > 2012 > August 18: V Festival [+4 and replaced the others 2 with the HQs]

Nicole • August 18, 2012

Jenna is probably taking a break from the Doctor Who filming and today attended the 2012’s VFestival. A couple of images have been added to the gallery, let’s hope for some more during the night!

Public Appearances > 2012 > August 18: V Festival [+2]

Mayara • August 16, 2012

The Mirror is today claiming to have details on new companion Jenna Louise Coleman, including her full name and one of her opening lines.

The new Doctor Who companion will be known as Clara Oswin, the Mirror can reveal.

Insiders on the show say Clara is more than a match for the Timelord and is a computer whizz who is feisty and flirty.

One of her opening lines to the Timelord is: “Rescue me boy and show me the stars.”
She will initially be referred to simply as Oswin by the Timelord and is played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.