Nicole • December 05, 2012

Added several new amazing stills and promotional images from the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Snowmen, which is gonna air on Christmas day at 5.15PM on BBC1!

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Nicole • December 04, 2012


Ever wondered about the Doctor’s penchant for travelling with comely young ladies? Is it just to keep the gender balance in the Tardis equal? Or could it simply be that he fancies them?

Matt Smith says the Time Lord is “attracted” to all his female companions – and that he’s particularly struck by new partner in time Clara when he meets her in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special The Snowmen.

“I think, in one way or another, the Doctor is always attracted to his companion and he’s certainly taken by this striking young lady,” Smith tells Radio Times in the new edition of the magazine.

And he says Clara is just what the Doctor ordered after the loss of former travelling companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill).

“The fall of the Ponds had a grave effect on the man,” said Smith. “I think he’s quite lonely and removed from the universe and not really as engaged as he was, at his best with Amy and Rory. Handily, he meets a jaunty new companion, a hot chick…”

Fans will have to wait until Christmas to see the full effect Clara has on the Doctor but they’ve already glimpsed her snatching a rare kiss from him in a BBC1 Christmas trailer and Smith said “what’s interesting with a new companion is that it changes the way [the Doctor] is and affects his personality.”


Nicole • December 01, 2012

Added the scans from the Radio Times issues: 1-7 December (thanks to Mariana) and 8-14 December (Thanks to Blogtor Who, will probably add some better quality later today or next week).

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Nicole • December 01, 2012

Jenna-Louise Coleman talks about the audition process and teaming up with Matt Smith.

Nicole • November 28, 2012

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You surprised pretty much everyone with your appearance in “Asylum of the Daleks.” Who did you tell about that ahead of time? Were you allowed to tell your family?
Yeah, my family knew. But I was convinced it wasn’t going to be kept [a secret]. I thought maybe at least we could keep the ending a secret, with the Dalek. It’s just great. There’s not much TV these days where you really get that element of surprise. There are so many spoilers all the time. I was really shocked that it didn’t leak and so was Steven. We were all really pleased and proud about that.

The role of the Doctor’s companion is so important to the show and such a plum part for an actress. What was the audition process like?
Well, I had my first audition with Andy Pryor, the casting director. Then they brought me back to read with Matt before Christmas and then I had another session with Matt after Christmas. So it was three all together — but it was lovely, actually. [Eventually] I think there were six people there — producers, casting directors, and everybody — and they actually left the room and left me and Matt to it. I’ve never had that in an audition before. They let us play about and made the scene our own and then they all came in to watch.

How did you find out the role was yours?
My agent phoned me up about two days later saying I’d got the part. I was in [British department store] Marks & Spencer. I couldn’t carry on shopping. I had an avocado that I had to put down and just went for a walk.

I’m still kind of digesting everything. The Doctor Who Experience (a permanent, Who-themed exhibition) has just opened in Cardiff and I look out my window and see it and it’s so huge. I came out to L.A. not long after I got the part and so many people out there were talking about it. It’s still becoming real to me in a way.

I believe Matt Smith had never seen an episode of Doctor Who when he auditioned. Were you a fan? It wasn’t actually on TV when you were growing up.
Well, we missed it! We missed it! And then when it came back in 2005 I was, like, 18. I was aware of it but I kind of missed it. I didn’t really know anything going into the audition room, which was kind of nice. I didn’t know what Matt was going to throw at me because I wasn’t used to it. Obviously I was aware of him but it was kind of new too me.

And then I didn’t watch too much of Karen and Matt’s stuff on purpose because it’s such a rhythmic thing, the dynamic, that I don’t want to pick up on anything. I kind of want to research it and watch every single episode, but my character, I’m just a girl who’s going into this not knowing anything and has to experience it front on. So that’s what I need to do as well, I think. And that’s what Steven’s very keen for me to do.

My grandma is a huge fan. My auntie was over from Australia when I got the part and she used to hide behind the sofa from the Daleks. My family — it was kind of like every single generation [except me]. It was quite strange, though — as soon as I started auditioning, when you actually look, Doctor Who really is everywhere. I turned up at the BBC for my audition and I was eating my lunch and I looked up and there’s a life-size cutout of Matt just staring at me.

I was recently talking to someone on a plane and, after I mentioned that I was writing about Doctor Who, they not not only declared themselves to be a fan but then explained at some length why Christopher Eccleston was the best ever Doctor.
Yeah. It’s the magic of it, isn’t it? It’s generational and universal. My friend’s little brother, who’s only like 7, is a massive fan. He’s got his own little TARDIS in his room. I see little kids dressed up as [the Doctor] and then my grandma is the most excited person in the world as well. I don’t think there’s many shows that have it, that cross so many generations.

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