Nicole • October 26, 2012

Doctor Who‘s cast and crew secretly assembled to give Matt Smith a big birthday surprise!

Nicole • October 17, 2012

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine confirms the episode line-up and ordering for the remaining episodes of Series 7 (or the “2013 series” as DWM have decided to call it).

706. Christmas Special Written by Steven Moffat. Directed by Colm McCarthy. (Filming now)
707. Written by Neil Cross. Directed by Farren Blackburn. (Not filmed)
708. The Cold War Written by Mark Gatiss. Directed by Douglas Mackinnon. (Filmed)
709. Phantoms of the Hex Written by Neil Cross. Directed by Jamie Payne. (Filmed)
710. The Crimson Horror Written by Stephen Thompson. Directed by Mat King. (Filmed)
711. Written by Mark Gatiss. Directed by Saul Metzstein. (Filmed)
712. Written by Neil Gaiman. Directed by Stephen Wolfenden. (Not filmed)
713. Written by Steven Moffat. Directed by TBA. (Not filmed)


Nicole • October 15, 2012
Nicole • October 13, 2012

Added some new on set images from yesterday and October 10th filming! They could be spoilers. Thanks and credits for the photos go to: @gabundy, @tlchimera, @rhyswoodf and mugim0e@flickr. Be sure to visit their blogs/twitters for more spoilers and images and again HERE you can find a report from yesterday’s filming :)

Doctor Who > Season 7 > On Set Images > October 10th [+4]
Doctor Who > Season 7 > On Set Images > October 12th [+6]

Nicole • October 13, 2012

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has admitted his sexy new co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman has reinvented the show because the character was becoming “a grandad”.

The actor, 29, dubbed Jenna “smokin” and said she was going to make a big impression when she joined the show in the Christmas special.

Matt said: “Jenna is pretty smoking. She is doing really great, coming into something so big she has done so well. I think people are going to really like her. She works incredibly hard and is incredibly detailed. She is a joy and I lucked out again. I look back to my first day and I was like a rabbit in a headlights. She is much more assured than me. But I have tried to help her into the process of making the show. It is a big lifestyle change. She will be a fantastic companion.”

Asked how the dynamic would change having one companion again, instead of Amy Pond and Rory who died in the last episode, he said: “I was thinking about it the other day and Rory used to take care of Amy quite a lot, so the Doctor became a weird old grandfather. He was ostracised in some way. So it is nice having a different dynamic. That is what is exciting about the show, you kind of get a first episode again. I think all these stories come to the end of their cycle. The Ponds had a wonderful time.”