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Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald is one of the Doctor’s most extraordinary companions. In order to help the Doctor she allowed the time winds to tear her into countless different iterations of herself, or as River phrased it, ‘A million versions of you, living and dying all over time and space, like echoes.’ These different Claras helped the Time Lord on many occasions, with one of them even persuading the First Doctor to steal the TARDIS that became ‘his’ time machine.

The Eleventh Doctor initially encountered two of the ‘echo Claras’ and was mystified by them. How could the same person be existing and then dying on different planets in apparently different time zones? He named her the ‘impossible girl’ and resolved to find her, eventually tracking down the ‘real’ Clara to modern day England where she worked as a nanny for the Matelands. She came across as a kind, cheeky and optimistic young woman and although she went traveling with the Doctor she always shared his adventures on her own terms, sometimes poking fun at what she thought were his attempts to impress her.

I don’t think I know who the Doctor is any more…

The Doctor finally discovered the truth about Clara on Trenzalore and was able to save her from the threat of the time winds. He brought her safely back to Earth where she began a job as a school teacher. Later, Clara helped convince the Doctor not to destroy Gallifrey and it was clear she had grown fond of the heroic wanderer in time and space.

Clara was present when the Eleventh Doctor regenerated and is having a tough time dealing with the Twelfth Doctor. Whereas the ‘old’ Doctor was her friend and a trusted figure, this ‘new’ man is a mystery to her. He doesn’t hug, treats her with a certain coldness and has no compunction in calling her ‘an egomaniac, needy game-player’… Ouch!

The Doctor has asked Clara if he is a good man and she admitted she didn’t know. Let’s hope they’ll both find out as the impossible girl continues her adventures with the man in the blue box…

Fact: The Doctor met Clara when she was much younger in this prequel…

(source: Doctor Who BBC Blog)