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Nicole • January 24, 2017

For this year’s Jenna (31) birthday I’ve decided to to something different than the usual fanbook or video. Taking inspiration by my friend Helen, I’ve decided to collect money for Place2Be a UK based charity, that provides emotional support to children in schools, and for which Jenna is ambassador.

My goal is to raise a good amount of money (hopefully) which will be send directly to the charity on April 27th, the day of Jenna’s 31st birthday. Any donation is welcome, even the smallest one! And for them I thank you in advance.

Jenna Coleman Birthday Fundraising
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Nicole • October 29, 2015

Finally I’ve added in the gallery the Fan Contributions section! Where you can find beautiful Jenna drawnings portraits made by Heath Ziegenfusz and a wonderful digital art of Oswin Oswald by Sonia M.S. Be sure to check their portfolios for more arts! And if you want to donate some, I will gladly add them to the gallery’s fan art section, just send me an email here!

Fan Contributions > Heath Ziegenfusz [+5]
Fan Contributions > Sonia M.S. [+1]
Nicole • October 28, 2015

Welcome to the new version of Jenna Coleman Online! Finally after 2 years I’ve been able to revamp the site and change the themes, both main and in the gallery! All the pages have been fixed and revamped as well (some still needs to be update but, sadly, I don’t have much time at the moment!) so if you find any errors, please let me know.

As usual, the themes have been designed by me and this time I used the beautiful photoshoots Jenna did for Flaunt and 1883 Magazine. More updates are coming soon so be sure to stay tuned and remember to follow the site on twitter @jennacolemancom!

Also would love some feedbacks ♥

Nicole • October 24, 2014

Yesterday (October 23) Jenna Coleman Online was Fansite of the Day at The Fan Carpet. Thank you so much! :)

Jenna Coleman Online - Fansite of the Day

Nicole • May 29, 2014

The very talented artist Heath Ziegenfusz just sent me a new beautiful portrait of Jenna to share with all of you! You can find this one and more in the Drawings section of the Media page!