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THE TELEGRAPH – Jenna Coleman shot to fame as Clara Oswald, the Doctor’s assistant, in Doctor Who. She now stars as Queen Victoria in a new ITV series based on the monarch’s life

In a little black dress and a pair of sky scraper heels, Jenna Coleman is sitting in a room steeped in royal history. It was in this once grand, if now slightly dog-eared private chamber, on the first floor of Kensington Palace, where in June 1837 Alexandrina Victoria received the news that she was to be the new Queen of England.

“Her uncle William IV had died in the night and she was standing here in her dressing gown,” says Coleman. “At just 18, she was about to become the most powerful woman in the world.”

Having just spent seven months filming Victoria, the ambitious eight part ITV drama that charts the young Queen’s life, Coleman has got to know her intimately.

Victoria was just 4ft 11ins tall, something that Coleman, at 5ft 3, can sympathise with.

“Maybe being small – and her feet didn’t even reach the floor when she sat on the throne – was part of what made her so obstinate, impatient, forthright and formidable,” Coleman says. “It’s difficult to dominate and have your opinions listened to when you are so much shorter than everyone else in the room.”

Aged 30, she has, she says, “learned to own my height” and sees it at times as a positive advantage.

“It makes you look a lot younger than you are – and, hopefully, people won’t query me playing an 18–year-old when the series starts.”

Like the diminutive monarch, too, Coleman’s energy and spark can command even this cavernous room. She has the authority and diction of a stylish young Londoner, although the second syllable in ‘grasp’, for example, is pronounced ‘asp’ – like the snake. If you cut her through the middle, she says, the name of her hometown, Blackpool, would be written through her like the proverbial seaside rock.

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THE GUARDIAN“I don’t like that word,” says Jenna Coleman, wrinkling her nose. “People describe me as that a lot, and it makes me cringe. It feels dirty.”

In the garden lounge of a London hotel, we are talking about the word driven. “Something about it feels ruthless, which doesn’t sit well with me.” It would be impossible to describe the gentle, slightly reticent presence next to me as gimlet-eyed. But it’s also hard to describe her rise without sensing that ambition and determination must have played a part. Her first job, at just 19, was wild child Jasmine Thomas in Emmerdale. Intended to be a small role, she grew into a series regular, and Coleman set aside thoughts of drama school to play her for five years. She followed this with acclaimed BBC series Waterloo Road, original dramas by Julian Fellowes and Stephen Poliakoff, and then the big one. In 2012 she was anointed Clara Oswald, the sparky and instantly lovable companion to Doctor Who, beamed into millions of households across the world. These things don’t just happen.


“A lot of interviews talk about Emmerdale and then Doctor Who – but there were six years between those,” she protests. “You should have seen me when I was trying to get an agent. It was like, ‘I’ve only worked in soap, I’ve not been to drama school, I’m 22 years old and haven’t worked for a year. I’m a great catch!’ ” She’d stayed longer than she wanted to on Emmerdale; despite having been nominated for best newcomer at the National Television Awards, it took her a long time to be considered for significant roles afterwards. “I’m northern, and working class, so people put you in a box. It’s crazy.” She would be sent scripts for supporting characters with northern accents, “and I’d be pointing out different parts, saying, ‘I think I can do that.’ It took a long time to get any meetings. I had to take a job at a pub in Hampstead.”

She’s describing the kind of unpromising situation that can consume young actors for a decade or longer, but her zeal to turn things around marks her out. She became an avid self-taper, sending casting directors scene footage in very different roles, showing off her range. “I love playing away from myself, expanding people’s perceptions.” She took herself out to LA for pilot season, where she went up for various unattainable parts, returning home jobless but fearless, and rich in audition experience.

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During the press day, Jenna talked with The Telegraph:

Coleman said she hoped the show would reveal the lesser-known side of Victoria, adding it was a “huge love story” which would show how she and Prince Albert negotiated “being in the bedroom and the throne room”.

“I don’t think people are quite aware of how vivid she is and what a lust for life she has,” said Coleman. (read the rest of the article at the source)

The drama is set to start with a 90-minute episode on Sunday, August 28th (next week), and in the meantime new promotional images and production stills have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Back on August 11th, Jenna attended the press day for her new drama Queen Victoria. During the afternoon she attended a press conference – followed by a screening premiere in the evening – both held at the Kensington Palace in London.

During the press conference Jenna wore a Peter Pilotto dress with shoes by Louboutin. For the evening premiere, instead, she looked very regal in a Erdem floral dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.

Several photos from both events – especially from the screening – have now been added to the gallery! Enjoy them and be sure to follow the site on twitter @JennaColemanCom!

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Jenna’s new drama Queen Victori a is featured in the latest issue of British Vogue (September 2016) with an interview with the show screenwriter Daisy Goodwin. Digital scans have now been added to the gallery, with a couple of new images and BTS from the series. Enjoy!

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