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Jenna attended the New York Comic Con these past two days (Tuesday, October 06 and Friday October 07), where she did autographs sessions, photo ops and a panel, on Friday, called “Tales from the TARDIS” – together with her former Doctor Who co-stars and friends Matt Smith and Alex Kingston.

Photos from the autograph session but mostly from the panel have now been added to the gallery! Thanks to Emily for helping with the HQs! Enjoy the additions and remember to follow the site twitter as well @JennaColemanCom

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RADIO TIMES – It’s been nine months since Jenna Coleman left Doctor Who, and she’s about to embark on a new journey in ITV’s period drama Victoria. However, she still has one eye on her successor, new Who companion Pearl Mackie.

Speaking on the red carpet for the new drama, Coleman said she had been in contact with Peter Capaldi while they were filming the new series, and was intrigued to see how new character Bill settled in.

She also said that it wasn’t important that the show cast a non-white actor as the Doctor’s companion, saying that showrunner Steven Moffat instead concentrates on finding “the right person and the right actor for the part.”
“I think the way that Steven always casts is actor-led and I think that’s very important,” she said. “I think it has to be the right person and the right actor for the part.”

However, the Doctor’s longest-serving companion wasn’t exactly sure what we can expect from Mackie: “I’ve no idea, which is what’s really exciting! I spoke to Peter today and I know they’re shooting the new series, but I know nothing!”

But as for her own character, Coleman is certain that Clara won’t be returning to Who any time soon.

“I think I’d probably raise Steven’s blood pressure if I rang up and said ‘bring me back!’” Coleman said. “We’ve only just finished that story so I wouldn’t want to unpick it!” (source)

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And then on Sunday (June 05) both Jenna and Peter Capaldi were guest at Awesome Con 2016 on Washington DC. A photo from their panel can be seen in our gallery, I’ve so missed seeing the two of them together <3

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This past Friday and Saturday (June 3 and 4) Jenna was a guest on Fax Expo Dallas – she did a panel together and one with Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who reunion!!). Some photos from the event have been added to the gallery thanks to the official Dallas Comic Con Facebook Page!

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So sorry for the delay! I’ve added the caps in the gallery while ago and forgot to make the post. So, added in the gallery, HD screencaps from Doctor Who Season 9 finale – and last ever Jenna episode (?) – Hell Bent. Be sure to check them!

And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!! ♥

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